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Mako Maptool

New technology for the deepwater oil and gas drilling / completions operations. The invention is the only one of its kind in the world and is presently being utilized in the Gulf Of Mexico USA. Primarily, the technology was brought to market to aid in wellbore displacements, but has since grown into multiple applications such as fracking, drilling out plugs, and milling windows.

By closing the annular on the tool, the operator can reverse circulate cuttings up through the drill pipe rather than through the BOP and possibly leaving debris in the ram cavities.

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High Pressure Fluid Displacement Swivel

100 RPM's
6,500 PSI


Mako Maptool 2


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Mako Rotating Head

Rotating head for the toughest jobs in the world when it comes to pumping and rotating during open hole plugs, acid, high pressure displacements, reversing cuttings while isolating the top drive just to name a few. Beware of salesman claiming they can rotate high rpm's with extreme pressure this will only complicate your project. To date, Mako Rentals, Inc. has performed numerous jobs without incident or mechanical failure. Most calls come from customers that have had numerous failures due to severe leakage while rotating during critical operations.

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2-stage fluid displacements.

2-stage fluid displacements. You can still rotate and reciprocate with annular closed.

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