MAPTOOL (Mako Annular Protector Tool)
Patented design by Mako Rentals, Inc.


The Mako Annular Protector Tool (aka MAP tool) revolutionizes the way displacements are executed. Closing the BOP’s annular preventer on the tool’s outer housing enables the workstring to be rotated and reciprocated, through the BOP annular while under pressure, without "stripping." This eliminates undue wear and tear on the annular element itself. The MAP tool’s patented sealing system makes this all possible.

The sealing system is proven technology with hundreds of runs in Mako’s Rotating Cement Head. Under dynamics loads (i.e. while moving the mandrel with the outer housing being held in place by the closed BOP annular); the seals have a differential pressure rating of 10,000 psi. The temperature rating is 450°F. Maximum recommended rotating and reciprocating speeds are 90 rpms and 50 feet/minute, respectively. The reciprocating length is adjustable by adding mandrel joints.

Removal of solids from a wellbore becomes increasingly difficult as wellbore angles climb and geometries become more complex. Combine this with high rig spread rates, and getting it done right the first time becomes of utmost importance. This is where the MAP tool takes center stage.

Rotation and reciprocation of the workstring is the most efficient way to keep solids suspended in a drilling or completion fluid. Suspension of solids is critical to circulating the same out of the wellbore. If solids are removed from the wellbore, non-productive rig time can be reduced thereby saving the Operator money. The MAP tool ensures all this is possible while, at the same time, protecting the BOP element from risk of damage.

MAPtool benefits

While applications are many, please realize that the tools primary function is to protect the BOP from damage.

Damage can occur each time the annular BOP is cycled for a particular procedure especially during high seas in which the motion compensator can’t keep up.

Mako Rentals, Inc. recently completed a displacement where the seas increased after the displacement was underway and were able to complete successfully without pause and or damage to the annular.

The worst thing you can do during a displacement is to shut down!

Additional benefits of the MAP tool (vs. "stripping"):

  • Reduced friction/resistance while rotating or reciprocating
  • More accurately able to monitor & maintain weight down

Key design features:

  • Mandrel is centralized by radial bearings limiting side loading of outer housing and seals
  • Seals are "tightly" contained in a stationary housing minimizing possible movement of the same (eliminates the possibility of rollover)
  • Dynamic seals are highly resistant to mechanical damage (i.e. not made of soft rubber)
  • Hydrostatic pressure above the tool provides back-up to the lower seals (upper seals are uni-directional; hold from below only)
  • Differential pressure across the lower seals is equalized while re-latching mandrel (undercut in mandrel OD to dump seals)
  • Annular area (between mandrel OD & outer housing ID) is lubricated w/ Sea Blue between upper and lower housing seals
  • Labyrinth seal cleans mandrel OD before it passes through each seal housing (one in upper and lower housing)
  • Latch finger (thrust hub) is the only component that is free to rotate – only 1 moving part! (other than the mandrel)

The MAP tool has been run in the Gulf of Mexico by the following Operators:
Shell, BP, Anadarko, Mariner, Apache, Newfield, Statoil, Nexen, ERT.

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Design validated by Stress Engineering
Report No. 118205RSP-01 Rev 1
Prepared by: Jennifer L. Velazquez
Reviewed by: Ramón I. San Pedro, P.E.

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