Mako Rentals, Inc. Safe Side Entry ("SSE") Sub
Patented design by Mako Rentals, Inc.


Mako Rentals, Inc. offers a safe alternative to the existing pump in subs that are still being utilized widely within the oil and gas industry today.

Basically, you have a box x pin sub with 2 inlet options,swiss replica watches one being a screwed in connection and the other a bolted on assembly similar to a flange.

The problem arises when heavy hoses or Chicksan are made-up to the side entry and not properly supported. Normally, the hose or steel piping made-up into the side entry is supported by either a chain or an air tugger.

Chains are difficult to tie and hooks often come unhooked when the work string is reciprocated. Blancpain Replica

Air tuggers are difficult because they depend on personnel to operate up and down while trying to maintain constant support. In the past, this operation has resulted in the side entry separating from the sub and falling to the drill floor.

Mako Rentals, Inc. provides a heavy-duty high yield support system that allows the operator to hang off extreme weights, without the difficulties of depending on someone to pick up and slack off the tugger possibly resulting in injury.