Rotating Cement Head with Plug Dropper
Patented design by Mako Rentals, Inc.


The most important phase of a wellbore without question is the cementing of the casing to insure proper bonding between the formation and strings of casing.

With increasing pressure from the DEQ, it is more important than ever to insure proper bonding eliminating communication between the fractured zones.Omega Replica

Other than proper slurry mix and placement, the most important phase of a cement job is pipe movement. While many tool companies offer plug-dropping components, many seem to come up short when rotation is needed.

What we have learned over the years is that much thought in design has been put into plug dropping as opposed to rotation.

We have found that most providers of cementing heads have limitations that negate the best chance for a successful cement job.

Mako Rentals, Inc. Benefits

  • Pressure rating 15,000 PSI
  • Rotation speeds 120 RPM’s (studies have shown that cement swirl doesn’t occur below 35/40)
  • Seal integrity (Seals have been exposed to numerous chemicals)
  • Seal Life (Seals have been under actual job loads for up to 2 weeks continuous)
  • The most important benefit of the Mako Rotating Head is where we separate from the ranks!


Do not stress yourself when performing the most important part of the wellbore design. Give Mako Rentals, Inc. a call and a representative will be happy to share with you our successful job data.